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Jack Webb as Johnny Madero, Pier 23

This series was a 30-minute radio detective drama which was broadcast on Mutual Thursday at 8 p.m. from April 24, 1947 to September 4, 1947. It was the first nationwide program for star Jack Web The storylines follow the footsteps of fast-talking, wisecracking Johnny Madero (Webb), who runs a boat shop on the San Francisco waterfront, rents boats and usually drops in for a weekly chat with Father Leahy (Gale Gordon). When investigating a crime, Madero manages to solve the mystery before tough cop Warchek (William Conrad). The supporting cast sometimes included Betty Lou Gerson, Elaine Burke, Bob Holden, Herb Butterfield, Irvin Lee and Herb Rawlinson.

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 From Southbridge Old Time radio: Many of the more popular programs from radio’s Golden Age are stylistically recognizable from beginning to end. In a police drama, everyone knows what to expect from the first 9 notes of the “Dragnet” theme. Just the facts, and a story narrated by no-nonsense Detective Sergeant Joe Friday. “Dragnet” is the epitome of police drama. Jack Webb is the actor who plays it best. Style is something that is developed over time through trial and error, and Jack Webb had some earlier work that came before “Dragnet” where we can hear the Friday character being honed. Today on Southbridge Old Time Radio’s Crime Time we bring you a fine example. From June 19, 1947, it’s “Johnny Madero, Pier 23” and the episode titled “Find Pete Sutro.” Here is that metaphor and simile spouting Johnny Madero now. . .
AUDIO on  VIDEO: Brent Abrahamson presents Crime drama a la Webb on Southbridge Old Time Radio’s Crime Time! Johnny Madero,Pier 23 "Find Pete Sutro"


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