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Mister District Attorney

Mr. District Attorney is a popular radio crime drama, produced by Samuel Bischoff, which aired on NBC and ABC from April 3, 1939, to June 13, 1952 (and in transcribed syndication through 1953). The series focused on a crusading D.A., initially known only as "Mister District Attorney," or "Chief", and was later translated to television. On television the D.A. had a name, Paul Garrett, and the radio version picked up this name in the final years when David Brian played the role. A key figure in the dramas was the D.A.'s secretary, Edith Miller (Vicki Vola).
Starring: Dwight Weist (1939 serials) Raymond Edward Johnson (1939 half hour shows) Jay Jostyn [photo: w/Vickie Vola] (1940 through 1952; Jostyn also guest starred in the role in mystery sketches for the game show Quick as a Flash) David Brian (1952–1953 syndication)

VIDEO: RADIO: Mr. District Attorney: The Case of the Unknown Source (radio 1948) 
Jay Jostyn stars as the DA in this old-time radio classic.

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